Arizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina)

Southwest native, deciduous tree that makes a great lawn or patio shade specimen. Pyramidal form when young, opens in maturity. Easily established and tolerant of heat, cold, and any soil conditions. 

Height:  50'       Spread:  50'

Fan-Tex Ash (Fraxinus velutina ‘Fan-Tex')

A deciduous tree that thrives in hot, dry climates. The very large, dark green leaflets open in early spring, and turn golden-yellow in late fall. The foliage resists wind burn. Excellent shade or lawn tree.  

Height:  50'       Spread:  30'

Raywood Ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa)

A fast growing tree species with medium sized dark green leaves. Blight resistant makes a good street tree.

Height:  50'      Spread:  40'

River Birch (Betula nigra)

A deciduous tree with light exfoliating bark that exposes patches of cinnamon-brown inner bark. Lustrous dark green summer foliage turns golden-yellow in fall. Makes an excellent specimen tree.

Height:  40'      Spread:  30'

Cottonless Cottonwood (Populus deltoides 'Siouxland')

A fast-growing pyramidal tree when young, developing a broad, vase-shaped habit with age. Extra-sturdy branches have lustrous medium green leaves that turn yellow in fall. Makes an excellent landscape tree. Resistant to leaf rust.

Height:  75'      Spread:  35'

Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

A pyramidal tree becoming rounded and spreading with age. Fern-like, sage green, needle-like leaves become a russet brown in fall. Makes a distinctive specimen tree.

Height:  70'      Spread:  30'

Leyland Cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii)

One of the best fast growing columnar evergreen plants for tall hedges and screens. Dense, pyramidal habit for its pale green foliage. Tolerates wide range of soils and climates.

Height:  50'     

Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia')

A large, oval-rounded tree with lustrous, dark green stiff leaves changing to reddish-purple in fall. Small fruits ripen in fall. Withstands drought and heavy, infertile soil.

Height:  60'      Spread:  50'

Drake Elm (Ulmus parvifolia sempervirenus ‘Drake')

Semi-evergreen species, that is widely adaptable, very fast growth rate with branching upright to form a rounded head.

Height:  60'      Spread:  40'

Lacebark Elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

A medium sized, broad-headed tree with graceful arching branches and finely toothed, small green leaves. Gray, green and orange flaking bark. Drought tolerant. A super tree for any situation.

Height:  40'      Spread:  30'

Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba)

Often called Maidenhair tree, this is a slow to medium growth rate tree. This soil pH adaptable plant has fan shaped, bright green leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

Height:  50'      Spread:  30'

Foster Holly (Ilex x attenuata 'Foster' No. 2)

Small, glossy, dark green leaves with spiny edges. Dense conical shaped growth pattern. Berries are red.

Height:  30'

Nellie R. Stevens Holly (Ilex x attenurta 'Nellie R. Stevens)

This evergreen with dark green leaves provides a pyramidal shape when young. Produces bright orange-red berries.

Height:  25'

Pride Of Houston Holly (Ilex vomitoria 'Pride of Houston')

Evergreen shrub or small tree. Glossy, small, dark green foliage and abundant crops of scarlet-red berries in fall make this a good choice for year round color in the landscape. May be pruned into a multi-trunk for a lovely specimen plant.

Height:  20'      Spread:  10'

Savannah Holly (Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah')

Upright growth pattern with light green spring leaves. Berries are red. Prefers full sun. Trainable to tree form.

Height:  30'     

Warren Red Possumhaw Holly (Ilex decidua 'Warren Red')

This native upright, multi-stemmed plant habit is that of a shrub or small tree. Deciduous plant with red berries.

Height:  12'      Spread:  10'

Purple Robe Locust (Robinia 'Purple Robe')

Deciduous, blooming shade tree with bronze new growth. Profusion of dark rose blooms in early spring. Tolerates extremes of heat and cold. Very useful in arid, difficult areas.

Height:  35'      Spread:  25'

London Plane Tree (Platanus acerifolia)

A pyramidal tree when young, developing into a large, open, wide-spreading form with pendulous branches. Dark green summer leaves become yellow-brown in fall. Handsome smooth-flaking bark, with no two trees being exactly alike.

Height:  100'    Spread:  70'

Autumn Blaze Red Maple (Acer rubrum 'Autumn Blaze)

Fast-growing deciduous tree with a rounded canopy and glossy-green leaves turning orange-red in fall. Excellent lawn or street tree.

Height:  50'      Spread:  30'

October Glory Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

Shape is broadly oval to round. Provides good fall color of deep red. Best suited for areas of mild winters and hot summers.

Height:  40'      Spread:  35'

Red Maple (Acer drummondii)

A pyramidal tree in youth, developing ascending branches and rounded crown. Medium green foliage becomes a brilliant red or yellow color in fall. Excellent shade tree; stunning in group plantings.

Height:  50'      Spread:  35'

Shangtung Maple (Acer truncatum)

Upright spreading shape with dark glossy foliage. Good fall color of yellow-orange to bright red.

Height:  30'      Spread:  25'

Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum)

A rapid-growing, deciduous tree with upright, spreading branches. Foliage is light green on top with silvery undersides, turning bright yellow in fall. A tough, adaptable tree. Makes an excellent landscape specimen.

Height:  55'      Spread:  45'

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa)

This impressive, large, deciduous tree is a North American native. It's pyramidal to oval growth habit provides deep shade in summer. The large, coarse leaves are medium green. Huge acorns, ¾”-1 ½” across, attract wildlife to the garden. One of the best trees for city conditions. Tolerant of most soil conditions.

Height:  80'      Spread:  80'

Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)

Upright with deep green foliage that turns crimson, orange to brown in fall. Drought tolerant and deciduous.

Height:  60'      Spread:  80'

Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

A wide-spreading evergreen tree with magnificent horizontal, arching branches. New spring growth is bright olive green, maturing to a lustrous dark green. Makes an excellent shade tree.

Height:  60'      Spread:  80'

Clump Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

A multi-branched evergreen tree with magnificent horizontal, arching branches. New spring growth is bright olive green, maturing to a lustrous dark green. Makes an excellent shade tree.

Height:  60'      Spread:  80'

Monterrey® Oak (Quercus polymorpha)

Semi-deciduous tree with reddish-bronze new foliage, maturing to lustrous blue-green. Slow growth rate makes this an ideal tree for small gardens. Performs best in well-drained alkaline soil.

Height:  80'      Spread:  80'

Shumardii Red Oak (Quercus shumardii)

A very desirable, large shade and ornamental oak tree with an upright habit. Lustrous green summer foliage turns to a brilliant red-orange in fall. A must for any landscape.

Height:  80'      Spread:  60'

Shumardii Clump Red Oak (Quercus shumardii)

A very desirable, large shade and ornamental clumping oak tree with an upright habit. Lustrous green summer foliage turns to a brilliant red-orange in fall. A must for any landscape.

Height:  80'      Spread:  60'

Texas Red Oak (Quercus buckleyi (texana))

Broad-spreading deciduous tree with a rounded crown. Red new leaves and leaf stalks in spring. Attractive, brownish red to orange fall color, with leaves hanging on well into winter. Excellent shade tree or specimen.

Height:  80'      Spread:  50'

Japanese Black Pine (Pinus thunbergiana)

Dense, wide-spreading branches are covered in dark green needles in clusters of 2. Shiny light brown cones appear in late fall. Useful in rows for bordering driveways, property lines or as a screen. Prune and train to desired form.

Height:  70'      Spread:  25'

Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)

This fast growing pyramidal growth habit tree performs well in extreme soil conditions. Long pine needles are yellowish green in color. Native habitat of Eastern Texas and Oklahoma.

Height:  50'      Spread:  30'

Slash Pine (Pinus ellioti)

Long needles are light to medium green. Needles tend to be clustered at the ends of branches. Upright, central leader. Light brown, 4-6” long, cones drop in winter. One of the best pines to use in poorly drained areas.

Height:  90'      Spread:  30'

Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis)

Lustrous, dark green foliage turning brilliant orange-red in fall. Oval and rounded with light, open branching. Outstanding as a street or lawn tree.

Height:  40'      Spread:  35'

Burgandy Flush Sweetgum (Liquidamber acalacyna)

This form of Chinese sweetgum has a fast growth rate. The new growth is dark purple turning to burnt orange fall color.

Height:  65'      Spread:  45'

Seedless Sweetgum (Liquidamber styraciflua 'Rotundiloba')

An upright tree with a narrow, pyramidal form and lustrous dark green leaves. Fall color varies from yellow to dark burgundy. Makes an excellent lawn or street tree.

Height:  60'      Spread:  50'

Desert Willow (Chilopsis Linearis)

An open, airy tree native to desert regions. With age, it develops a shaggy bark and twisting trunk. Trumpet-shaped flowers in pink, white, rose or lavender appear in spring. Bears a heavy crop of bean-shaped capsules through winter.

Height:  25'      Spread:  20'

Corkscrew Willow (Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa')

Grows upward with an exotic corkscrew twist in the limbs.

Height:  30-40'

Globe Willow (Salix matsudana 'Umbraculifera')

A compact tree with a rounded umbrella-shaped head and upright branches. The tree withstands both heat and drought. Makes an excellent landscape tree.

Height:  35'      Spread:  35'

Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Graceful deciduous tree with a short trunk and broad, rounded crown. Weeping branches with medium green leaves sweep the ground. Plant in groups as an accent.

Height:  50'      Spread:  40'


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